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Barrier Canyon Style rock art is the oldest pictography on the Colorado Plateau. The style is equated with the Archaic Culture. Within the Fremont culture region it is a distinct style. It is centered near the Green-Colorado confluence. The type locality is in Barrier Canyon, also known as Horseshoe Canyon. Because of the importance of the rock art the area was designated a detached unit of Canyonlands National Park. The "Great Gallery" is the type site for the style. The vast Great Gallery murals represents one of the greatest pictograph sites anywhere. The area is remote backcountry and the footpath descending into the canyon is steep and rough. If you hike in watch for well-camouflaged rattlesnakes sunning themselves on the path.
Ghost Panel, 279 x 288 pixels
The oldest stratigraphically dated rock art in Utah is an incised pebble from an 8,700 year old level in Cowboy Cave, up canyon from the Great Gallery site. Several petroglyphs are found at Cowboy Cave, including a figure with very enlarged feet. In 1957 Jesse D. Jennings dated the Archaic Native American culture in Danger Cave to 11,000 B.P. Sites in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada corroborate the antiquity of Archaic culture in the southwest. While some rock art may be as old as human occupation, almost all the art is attributed to recent millennia.

Partial view of the Great Gallery's main panel.  239 x 701 pixels, 45 K.
Link to the author's 1402 x 478 pixel 81 K view of the Great Gallery, a double size file of the view above.
This is only part of the main panel. Here follow several close-ups.

Close-up of a Great Gallery anthropomorph, 313 x 220 pixels, 25 K.Close-up view of a Great Gallery anthropomorph, 313 x 215 pixels, 37 K.
Barrier Canyon Style is not attributed to recent millennia. The age of most panels remains indeterminate. The limited information places the pictography between 2,000 and 4,000 years old. Some of the art is contemporaneous to Pecos River Style. Some may be older. More dating research is needed.

Features distinct to the style include tiny birds flying about the heads or tiny people and animals perched on the shoulders of life-sized or larger anthropomorphs. The anthros are typically painted in monochrome reds and browns, are often elongated and have diminutive or no appendages. The bodies of most of the Great Gallery life-sized and larger anthropomorphs have extraordinarily decorated torsos with a great variety of patterns. The Great Gallery is by far the most elaborately decorated panel in the style. One figure has animals and another has miniature anthropomorphs painted upon their torsos. The figures are completely devoid of appendages, a feature equated with the oldest examples of the style. Small animals are perched on the shoulders of one figure. Some figures include tiny birds flying about the heads, or tiny people perched on their shoulders facing the ears. Most are painted in monochrome reds and browns. One of the largest figures, the seven-foot-tall "Great Ghost" was painted by spattering, resulting in a seemingly transparent image.

The Great Gallery is composed of several distinct panels and areas, not all of which are necessarily contemporaneous. A few faint petroglyphs are present. Another large and distinct Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel shares the same cliff just to the left of the Ghost and the main panel. This area has a row of lines numbering about 260. Several other panels are located in alcoves down canyon between the Great Gallery and the trail to the road on the west side. One of these is painted with clay slip. Flash flood lines can be seen at this site. There are other Great Gallery pages on the web by John Misage.

More Barrier Canyon style panels are found in the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park, about twenty miles from Horseshoe Canyon--if you are a crow. The background graphic of this page depicts part of the "Harvest Scene," so-called on the supposition that the stooped figures are gathering a harvest. The site is also called the Bird Site, a far more certain interpretation of site content. The birds at the site are distinguishing of this composition.

The Maze District is far more difficult to access than Horseshoe Canyon. The area is called the Maze for good reasons. I would not recommend hiking this labyrinth of deep meanders to anyone except an experienced redrock canyon navigator with a topographic map. The art is accessible only by long hikes. Without a 4-wheel-drive vehicle the journey is a minimum three day hike in and out from North Point. A thirty foot rope is needed to lower your backpack at a very constricted section of the trail descending into the canyon from the Maze Overlook. Maze Overlook is 4-wheel -drive accessible.

Just below Maze overlook some faint Barrier Canyon images are found. There is a unique scrawled panel up South Fork under an overhang behind some boulders on the right (west of the Chocolate Drops.) The Bird Site is on the opposite side of the Chocolate Drops. Up canyon from the Harvest Scene there is a small petroglyph panel in Barrier Canyon style. I hiked out via Horse Canyon and saw a half dozen rock art sites, though not Barrier Canyon Style and not particularly fascinating art. The trail out of Horse Canyon is via a side canyon just within the park boundary over a mile from Big Water Spring. It was not easy to find.

The following table presents portions of the Harvest Scene site.
These images are hyperlinks to larger files of the same images.

The Harvest Scene Panel at the Bird Site in the Maze District.
View of the right half of the panel taken just after sunset on the rimrock.
Details surrounding an anthropomorph on the right side of the Harvest Scene.
Partial view of the Harvest Scene.
Last light illuminates the tiny figure on the shoulder of a large anthropomorph.
Close-up view of a section of the panel with very fine lines.

 There are several panels in The Doll House/Range Canyon area between the Land of Standing Rocks and Cataract Canyon, south of The Maze. South of these four more panels are found. Life-sized Barrier Canyon Style anthropomorphs are found in Range Canyon.

Water sources in the Maze area are not reliable, as I found out the hard way. Detail of pictograph panel at Big Pocket, Salt Creek, CNP, 380 x 268 pixels, 49 K.Some springs were too foul tasting to drink. I was saved from desiccation because I entered the area just after some heavy showers. After a long search I found a rock depression filled with a few pints of water on my third evening out. To prevent other animals from drinking the treasure I slept right next to it. Although bovines had been banned from the area for many years, nearby Big Water Spring and the North Trail Canyon Spring (which I renamed Cow Dung Springs using small pebbles) were both well trampled smoothies of cow feces and mud. On the plus side, the night sky is incredible. From this area the nearest bright light bulb is about 50 miles away.

In the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park many spectacular rock art panels are protected. A few of these are Barrier Canyon Style. Salt Creek Canyon contains numerous ancient ruins and rock art panels along a 20 mile section of creek. Near Trail Arch and Peekaboo Spring two white pictographs are painted overlaying a very faint Barrier Canyon Style panel. Up canyon, above the jump and the famous red, white and blue "All-American Man" pictograph site, on a high talus at the mouth of Big Pocket a very unique set of small pictographs (photo above) has been identified as Barrier Canyon Style. Devils Lane contains a small pictograph and another panel is found along the road to Elephant Hill.

More Barrier Canyon Style images and text can be viewed by selecting the NEXT button.

Head of Sinbad pictograph panel detail.
Head Of Sinbad Panel detail, 384 x 270 pixels, 57 K.
This page focuses on Barrier Canyon Style rock art west of the Green and Colorado Rivers and outside Canyonlands National Park. A concentration of Barrier Canyon Style art is found in the San Rafael Swell region. The Swell is a huge geologic blister, a 45 by 65 mile uplift. West on Interstate 70 from Green River, Utah, the traveler crosses the San Rafael River before encountering a long and steep upgrade cutting through a narrow canyon. This edge of the Swell is the San Rafael Reef. The road rises from near 4,000 feet elevation at the Green River to about 7,000 feet atop the swell. 
The traveler of this region is made aware of geologic vocabulary like "reef, an impassable barrier." Only a few narrow canyons pass through the 50 mile long reef of steep slopes, flatirons, hogbacks, overhangs, deep recesses, balanced rocks and a maze of otherworldly eroded forms. 
The landscape climbing the Swell is a transection of Mancos shale and formations named Dakota, Cedar Mountain, Morrison, Summerville, Curtis, Entrada, Carmel, Navajo, Kayenta, Wingate, Chinle and Moenkopi. Rising in elevation is a descent in geologic history. The oldest formations contain 235 million year old reptile tracks. Along the perimeter of the Swell tongues of durable Navajo Sandstone, the least erosive of the strata, rise into the air to form the backbone of the Reef. Pictographs are found on this enduring surface, in the overhangs and niches time, wind and water have created.
Several sites are found in the vicinity of Goblin Valley State Park. These are located in the narrow canyons transecting the Reef. The best know of these is the Temple Mountain Wash panel, perhaps because it is near the roadway. Exfoliation has removed part of this unique pictograph. One large anthropomorph can be seen to hold a snake in its hand, another has a bug-eyed anthropomorph peering over the shoulder of a superimposed figure. Several animals are depicted. Nearby is a Fremont Style red paint anthropomorph. The images are about 40 feet high on the cliff.
Black Dragon Canyon is located in the Reef just north of the freeway canyon. Some typical Barrier Canyon Style figures are found atop a talus. Nearby, in a recess, a totally unique rock art panel is found. It consists of groupings of dots, short lines, zigzags and bird tracks in a complex arrangement. The tallies reveal a predominance of even numbered groupings. This panel cannot be said to be of a known style.

Buckhorn Wash pictograph panel rendition, B & W gif, 594 x 523 pixels, 11 K.

In the northern part of the San Rafael Swell, southwest of Cedar Mountain and southeast of Castle Dale, a deep canyon cuts through the uplifted formations. Buckhorn Wash contains several rock art sites, including a spectacular and large Barrier Canyon Style panel. The site is on the ancient Spanish Trail and has been much vandalized, particularly by early explorers and settlers of the region. The painted canvas, over 160 feet wide, enlivens the base of a towering, vast, sheer sandstone cliff. During my last visit the ancient pictography was bullet riddled and painted over with individual names, dates, and a group; AVON OVAN 1805, 1846 Jim Bridger Bill Jackson, William J. Powell Jr. 1884, CRC ARM. Since then a restoration has been performed.

Buckhorn Wash anthropomorph group, 213 x 648 pixels, 37 K.
Detail of unique pictograph at Buckhorn Wash, 320 x 320 K, 30 K.

While most of the red painted figures are anthropomorphs, some are entirely unique. A small section of the panel illustrated above (black and white rendition) depicts anthropomorphs smaller in scale than the remainder of the site. The scale is again reduced in the detail in the lower right of this drawing. This use of three different scales of anthropomorph groups is unique at this site. Perhaps the diminutive figures at the end of the arc are an attempt at perspective, a depiction intended to convey the impression that they are off in the distance along the arc. Due to chalking it was very difficult to draw every detail with exactitude. Whoever chalked the figures may have intended to make them clearer on his or her personal photograph, however the chalking heavily damaged the panel. I have not visited the site since restoration. The two photos above and next two were taken before restoration. The white spots an the torsos are bullet holes.

On the far right end of the panel is a field of dots.Detail at far right end of Buckhorn Wash panel, 236 x 295 pixels, 20 K.They were difficult to count with 100% assurance of an accurate tally. They number 260. Tallying seems part of this panel. The next photo is near the dot field. Note also the very faint dots in the photo. The number of fingers on many of the anthropomorphs does not correspond to human anatomy. Some of the digits extend into long lines, others are oversized or upraised. Several figures are holding snakes. Beyond the right end of the pictograph panel there is a petroglyph panel. It is quite old, as indicated by complete repatination. The figures include sheep or elk, one being quite large with complex antlers. One of the sheep? has a head on each end.

Buckhorn Wash anthropomorph group with historic names overlaid, 283 x 381 pixels, 33 K.

One of the Head of Sinbad pictograph panels, 385 x 284 pixels, 47 K.An interesting feature of Buckhorn Wash is the slit window in the rock horizon down canyon, in a roughly southeast direction - the direction the panel faces. Move to the sides of the panel and the window closes. I have witnessed winter solstice sunrise at the panel and the window is south of that rise event. Such a window could be used to compare the azimuth angles of stars, perhaps by placing marks or images on the cliff. I found no rock art near the rock window.

More rock art is found up canyon near a cave, including a Hopi Rain Clan symbol and an animal track at the cave entrance, some sheep nearby, and a fragment of red paint across canyon. Further up canyon is a chalked petroglyph panel, named the Cattleguard site after this nearby feature. It also has some small black paint figures of unknown style. A petroglyph panel is also located along the base of Cedar Mountain, on a large boulder at the base of the talus. Recent additions there include E=mc2, a depiction of an Olmec head and drawings of a railroad worker. No other Barrier Canyon Style sites are found up canyon. Others are found up river on the San Rafael River, in a side canyon above Buckhorn Wash.

The Swell is a remote, uninhabited region. The only campground I know of within the Swell is located at the San Rafael River bridge near the mouth of Buckhorn Wash. It is remote and I have never seen anyone else camping there. From the Wash the dirt track south leads to the I-70 ranch exit, atop the Swell. Other smaller panels are found on top of the Swell. The best known are two cliff buddy panels known as the Head of Sinbad panels. One has been termed the best preserved of the Barrier Canyon pictographs (the last photograph above). The other (the rendition below depicted) is to its left (view facing the panel). They are on a south facing cliff. The leftmost panel portion has been obscured by mud washing down the cliff. My drawing is therefore a partial view of the original scene. Several other Barrier Canyon Style panels are within a few miles of these, though they are less spectacular and have little detail. One is half exfoliated. One panel is half buried in the sand. Unlike Temple Mountain Wash and Buckhorn Wash, there are no developed roadways leading to these sites.

B & W rendition of Head of Sinbad pictograph panel, 630 x 601 pixels, 7 K.

'So-calledOne of the best of the Barrier Canyon anthropomorphs is found in North Wash, below the Hog Spring rest area along the highway from Hanksville to Hite's Crossing. I have heard this figure referred to as the "Moqui Queen." There are only two figures, the anthropomorph and an animal so featureless that its identity is uncertain. This is a very southern occurrence of Barrier Canyon Style.

There are another two Barrier Canyon Style sites in the Capital Reef area, one inside the park along Pleasant Creek and another west of the park and south of Torrey at Fish Creek Cove. A few Barrier Canyon Style anthropomorphs with square heads are painted along with other art, including circular shields and a row of headless deer or sheep. Petroglyphs occur also.

Though not a comprehensive review of all Barrier Canyon site west of the rivers, this page provides a sampling of some of the best of these panels. The next Barrier Canyon Style page covers sites east of the Colorado-Green confluence and outside of Canyonlands National Park. Select the NEXT button to continue.

Courthouse Wash, north of Moab, Utah.
Courthouse Wash panel partial view, 309 x 324 pixels, 43 K.
View of Courthouse Wash pictograph details.  Close-up of upper right section. 279 x 433 pixels, 48 K.

Sego Canyon, north of Thompson, Utah, is also known
as Book Cliffs and Thompson Wash.
Detail of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 216 x 298 pixels, 30 K.
Note the faint, ancient pictographs, a row of anthropomorphs, above the petroglyphs below.
Petroglyphs overlaid on pictographs at Sego Canyon, Utah.  414 x 519 pixels, 65 K.
B & W rendition of portion of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 230 x 360 pixels, 7 K gif.
B & W rendition of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 196 x 360 pixels, 6 K gif.

Seven Mile Canyon north of Moab.
Pictograph panel along Seven Mile Creek, Utah. 331 x 272 pixels, 36 K. 

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