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Organic Avatar: Teapot and Drinking Vessel Design Approach Nature from the East and West by Julie Rauer

Nature abounds in Yixing teapots, collaborative late Ming and Qing dynasty masterworks of artist-scholars, potters, calligraphers, poets, painters, and seal engravers. Quintessential literati object of the East, the Yixing teapot is one of dual refinement—as much intellectual vessel as pragmatic artwork—addressing the architecture and forms of the natural world on both intensely cerebral and purely aesthetic levels.Organic Avatar

Published: May 14, 2007

Auspicious Carpets: A Tibetan View of Aesthetics by Ted Worcester

Auspicious Carpets: A Tibetan View of AestheticsThis seminal article on Tibetan carpets by Ted Worcester article first appeared in The Nepalese-Tibetan Carpet, edited by John Frederick, a special issue for the carpet trade published by Nepal Traveller, January 1993; one of a series of issues on Himalayan carpets. Asianart.com will be publishing further articles from this now rare series.

Published: May 11, 2007

Chiru Chakravarty: Every day, judgment day by Swapna Vora

Chiru offers limbs, muscles, bones cloned with animals, shards of existence, of disaster. There is anger, suffering and chaos, with no well remembered limits, no recognizable boundaries. We momentarily halt and watch the anguish in his works. Are these responses to catastrophes, humanity's disasters, bloodshed, generated violence, mindless mobs?Chiru Chakravarty: Every day, judgment day

Published: May 01, 2007

A Visit to the Artistic treasures of Maiji Mountain caves
by Alok Shrotriya and Zhou Xue-ying

Maiji Mountain cavesMaijishan, a Chinese word which literally means wheat stack mountain, is the name of a 142 meter high hill located in the Xiaolongshan forest 45 kilometers southeast to the Tianshui city of the Gansu Province in China. Its location is also significant since it lies just a few miles south of the Silk Road. Its topography and location attracted Buddhist monks, artisans and artists who dug out the caves, meditated, sculpted and painted over a period of many centuries. Consequently it was gouged with grottoes and adorned with sculptures and murals from different historical periods.

Published: April 17, 2007

Anish Kapoor: Stone Fire, Black Flame by Swapna Vora

For a few brief weeks last September and October, Anish Kapoor’s new ‘Sky Mirror’, an enormous stainless shimmer, a giant’s salad plate, sat at Rockefeller Center. It stretched New York and reflected it upside down. It was a time for delight as New Yorkers smirked at themselves, jumped up and down, grimaced at their images and ‘do si doed’ around the Sky Mirror, possibly the most instantly interactive art installation in the world.Anish Kapoor: Stone Fire, Black Flame

Published: March 09, 2007

Padmanabh Bendre: Fields, layers, unbroken expanses by Swapna Vora

Padmanabh Bendre by Swapna VoraSplashed, split, sometimes gently lacerated colors, infringed, annulled prisms, interrupted regularly, ruptured opportunities, breaking news. So I see Padmanabh Bendre’s current work. Art in Bombay now has glittering doors, gala openings and glamorous boys as everyone strains and stares across the room to see the next winner of a million. And so the whirligig of contemporary art continues with sly appreciation for nothing but the price.

Published: March 05, 2007

Anti matter? Kausik M's universe by Swapna Vora

Kausik Mukhopadhyay, a part of India’s post Midnight Children, wryly comments on those complex cyborgs called cities. We live in spaces with no space and in times when time has, without giving notice, slyly slipped away. Kausik creates models of cities that are Mumbai but could easily be New York.Anti matter? Kausik M's universe

Published: February 08, 2007

Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Manuscript from the Yarlung Museum
Eva Allinger

Eva AllingerThis manuscript was previously in Keru Lhakhang monastery, Yarlung valley. It is written in ink on palm-leaves and consisting of 139 leaves it has seven lines per page divided into three sections divided by decorative bands of color. A colophon on folio 139v mentions the donor and king Sūrapāla. The manuscript was written in his second year of reign, in the late 11th c.

Published: December 27, 2006

The Baldly Beautiful 108 Dabbas of Bose Krishnamachari by Swapna Vora

Bose Krishnamachari, bold and bald, sits surrounded by his explosive, multihued art: a perspective on the ghosts of his own practice. He observes bodies in a time warp, twisted and stretched out in the universe’s black holes, he is interested in ghosts, ‘misunderstood, misconceived’, the chaotic order and vibrancy of Mumbai and, astonishingly, attempts to understand and portray other artists.The Baldly Beautiful 108 Dabbas of Bose Krishnamachari

Published: December 04, 2006

Hidden Meanings: Symbolism in Chinese Art by Gary Gach

Hidden Meanings: Symbolism in Chinese ArtScholar-curator Terese Tse Bartholomew’s work is known to many. Hidden Meanings is an exhibition which opened at the Asian Art Museum October 7, 2006 and runs through December 31, 2006, accompanied by an over-sized, indispensable book. First conceived with her thesis at UCLA, it's the fruit of nearly 40 years' labor, and the results are essential, exquisite, and utterly charming.

Published: November 29, 2006

Oriental Sacred Art and the Art of Collecting in the West by Ana Pániker

There are many kinds of collectors and many reasons that induce people to collect objects: the compulsion to accumulate things, ostentation, emulation, the irrational fascination for a specific kind of object, the pleasure of owning and contemplating, and, lastly, the interest in collecting and classifying objects to obtain an explanation of the culture they represent. Or perhaps, to a greater or lesser degree, all collectors have a measure of all these characteristics at the same time.Oriental Sacred Art

Published: November 14, 2006

The Last Feast of Lady Dai by Julie Rauer

The Last Feast of Lady DaiRemains of Lady Dai’s last feast—provisions to span the ages—still linger in her sublime lacquerware, vestiges of beverages and comestibles lurking amongst some of the sixteen distinctive types of lacquer objects discovered. Testament to the legacy of longevity, the corpse of Lady Dai at once reveals a luxurious existence of sedentary pleasures, exceedingly rich diet, and rampant lifestyle intemperance—mitigated by the remarkable effectiveness of Chinese medical ideas, calculations, techniques, and practices.

Published: November 02, 2006

Tracing the Reception and Adaptation of Foreign esthetic elements in Tibetan sculpture by Amy Heller

Criss-crossed by trade routes since time immemorial, the earliest historic records of Tibet in the 7th century describe a flourishing kingdom actively engaged in political and matrimonial alliances with rival tribes and foreign powers. To appreciate how the Tibetans developed their distinctive fusion and adaptation of foreign styles and techniques, this article examines the multiple influences inspired by the arts of Central Asia and China, as well as of India and the Kashmiri and Nepalese schools.Tracing the Reception and Adaptation of Foreign esthetic elements in Tibetan sculpture

Published: September 20, 2006

Klee's Mandalas by Julie Rauer

Klee's MandalasKlee’s mandalas, both his kaleidoscopic middle eastern cities of iconic character and timeless historical presence in the psyche of mortal thinkers and builders, and his graphically arresting portraits of interior landscapes made manifest, curl through the waking and dreaming minds of those who see rather than simply observe, uncoiling with the sinuous architectural grace of the human body and the eternal philosophical searching of the human mind.

Published: June 27, 2006

West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu by Karla Refojo

For the last five years, Karla Refojo has been working in the Kathmandu Valley with Newar bronze casters to create a larger than life-sized murti, or sacred statue. This article is a brief account of her experiences and the incredible and challenging process by which a statue was created and a sculptor was transformed.West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu

Published: May 12, 2006

Stripes and Patterns: The Significance of Locality and Social Relationship in Textile Designs in Eastern Indonesia by Krista Knirck-Bumke

Stripes and PatternsTextiles are a sign of belonging to a certain locality and/or ethnic group of people. In a more specific way, the social relationships are expressed in the layouts and patterns that these textiles expose. Textiles are a means to bind the traditional groups of kin visibly together and underline the existing social ranks.

Published: April 17, 2006

The Lhasa gtsug lag khang: Observations on the Ancient wood Carvings by Amy Heller

In the ninth century inscriptions on the Karchung rdo ring, the foundation of the Lhasa gtsug lag khang, the most revered Lhasa temple, is attributed to the reign of Srong btsan sgam po. The Tibetans had encountered the marvels of Buddhist art as an indirect result of their military expansion towards the Himalaya as well as to the Silk Routes and China.The Lhasa gTsug lag khang

Published: April 07, 2006

The Lhasa gTsug lag khang ("Jokhang"): Further Observations on the Ancient Wood Carvings by Mary Shepherd Slusser

The Lhasa gTsug lag khangThe role of Newar carpenters from the Nepal Valley in decorating the interior of the gTsug lag khang, Lhasa’s revered Jokhang, has been long recognized. Traditionally, the Nepali carvings are dated about the middle of the seventh century, and in them they expressed the unmistakable aesthetics that characterized their homeland, politically the domain of the Licchavi dynasty.

Published: February 07, 2006

Fathomless Skin by Julie Rauer

One of the more resonant echoes of the human imperative to venerate nature by virtue of mimicry has been virtually overlooked thus far. Chinese lacquer, particularly the inlaid and carved polychrome Yuan and Ming dynasty masterpieces, evolved in both materials and technique to embody the strongly analogous structure and singular, intrinsic properties of arthropod physiology.Fathomless Skin

Published: January 13, 2006

Untitled Identities: Contemporary Art in Lhasa, Tibet by Kabir M. Heimsath

Untitled Identities: Contemporary Art in Lhasa, TibetContemporary art in Tibet has to do with a much wider field than thangka painting and it should be considered independently of that specific tradition. There is an overt effort on the part of artists in Lhasa to break down the norms and expectations both of the western art world as well as the western Tibetophile world that ignores their paintings.

Published: December 16, 2005

A note on a disputed Khmer sculpture of three figures from the Bàkoṅ known as the Lord Umāgaṅgāpatīśvara: by Annette L. Heitmann

At the time of its apogee (ca. 9.-13. c.) ancient Khmer culture created sculptures at a temple complex known as the Bàkoṅ, about 15 km SE. from present-day Siem Rǎp, Cambodia, that proved to be influential markers for a tradition culminating in the accomplishments of Aṅkor Vat. Time’s grains of sand have worn away some of its former beauty. But the enduring solid material of the temple has preserved the monument with its inscriptions so well that its original set up and purpose are now, after efforts of restoration, evident upon sight.Disputed Khmer sculpture

Published: November 21, 2005

Conservation and Digitisation of Rolled Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Nepal by Naoko Takagi, Yoriko Chudo, Reiko Maeda (Members of Paper Conservators Asia Unlimited)

Conservation and Digitisation of Rolled Palm Leaf Manuscripts in NepalDuring the summer of 2005, the conservation and digitisation of 400 rolled palm leaf manuscripts with clay seals housed at the Asa Archives in Kathmandu was carried out over a period of 6 weeks. The Asa Archives is a public library in Kathmandu, Nepal named after the late Mr Asha Man Singha Kansakar, father of the late Mr. Prem Bahadur Kansakar (1917-1991), a prominent activist, social worker, educationist and Newar writer who had founded several social, cultural, literary and educational institutions.

Published: November 14, 2005

Through the Jalis: Europe's Nineteenth Century Romance with Orientalism by Julie Rauer

Danger, romance, violence, eroticism, mystery, nobility, languor, and exoticism delineated the Eastern silhouette in 19th century Western eyes, launching an abiding fascination with the Orient that infused staid European air with sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh. The handsome chambers of the Dahesh Museum of Art in New York City have been host to three Orientalist exhibitions ­ most recently A Distant Muse ­ since the museum’s founding in 1995.Through the Jalis

Published: October 28, 2005

CT Scans in Art Work Appraisal by Dr Marc Ghysels

CT Scans in Art Work AppraisalJust as the technique of computed tomography imaging revolutionized the practice of medical diagnosis in its time, contemporary use of CT scanners in the art world could ultimately change the way some works are appraised. The quality and reliability of the images produced by a CT scanner literally "undress" the art work and reveal its internal structure. (also in French)

Published: October 25, 2005

The Metal Sculpture of the Khasa Mallas by Ian Alsop

The Khasa Mallas must be counted among the least known and the most fascinating of all the Himalayan ruling families. In their heyday from the 12th to the mid 14th century they ruled a sizeable kingdom made up of large portions of West Nepal and West Tibet. They were patrons of the arts, and they oversaw and encouraged a bronze casting tradition that produced metal sculptures of great beauty.The Metal Sculpture of the Khasa Mallas

Published: August 26, 2005

Steaming Down the Mekong by Mary S. Slusser

Slusser, M. Shepherd: Steaming Down the MekongA dour, broken country of "dark impoverishment" now ­ so it is described ­ and of speedboats that rocket down the Mekong "like demented drag-car racers," it would be a world apart from tranquil Mekong travel and the beguiling land that was Laos fifty years ago. That another generation might share those bygone days seemed reason to revive this paper...

Published: February 14, 2005

Soma, Offertory and Elixir by François Pannier

This Tibetan offertory cover is a rare and exceptional object which has until now only been described briefly. It is a head, skinned rather than stripped of flesh, in gilt iron with traces of colour - red for the mouth and blue for the hair; it is 36 cm in height, 19 cm in diameter at the ears and 16 cm at the base. Using the information obtained in Giuseppe Tucci's research, we will try to support the hypothesis of the object's function in rituals, and this will lead us to India, Gandhara and Tibet. (also in French)SOMA, OFFERTORY AND ELIXIR

Published: December 30, 2004

Elements of Newar Buddhist Art: Circle of Bliss by Gautama V. Vajracharya

Elements of Newar Buddhist Art: Circle of BlissThis article is a critical study of the Nepalese art and iconography discussed in the Circle of Bliss, Buddhist Meditational Art, an exhibition catalogue, by John Huntington and Dina Bangdel with the contribution of graduate students of Ohio State University, Columbus and some other scholars. The materials are collected and presented in the catalogue and other related works with a great effort to surpass previous scholars in excellence and achievement. This endeavor deserves admiration.

Published: December 22, 2004

Victorious Durga by Krista Knirck-Bumke

The Museum Nasional has 32 Durga sculptures on display. They originate from various areas in Java dating from the 7th to the 15 th century, the Hindu-Buddhist period in the history of the Indonesian archipelago. The figures broadly come from three different areas of Java: West Java, Central Java and East Java.Victorious Durga

Published: June 03, 2004

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by James Singer

Contemporary Japanese CeramicsThe ceramic tradition in Japan is the most ancient on earth, yet one that has found vital forms of expression in the modern world. Some contemporary Japanese ceramics reflect centuries old traditions while others incorporate elements from an increasingly international arena. Many do both simultaneously. The ceramics presented in this exhibition include work by a number of contemporary artists and illustrate, in a necessarily subjective fashion, their creativity, technical virtuosity and diversity.

Published: May 03, 2004

Metal and Stone Vestiges by John Vincent Bellezza

This article focuses on two of the most important artistic media in ancient Tibet: rock art and small metal objects. We will examine petroglyphs (carvings on rock surfaces), pictographs (rock paintings) and copper alloy artifacts known as thokchas, which range in age from deep in the pre-Buddhist period to the first five centuries of Tibetan Buddhism.Metal and Stone Vestiges: Religion, Magic and Protection in the Art of Ancient Tibet

Published: April 29, 2004

Exaggerated Enmity in Early Modern Indonesian Painting by Adrienne Fast

Exaggerated Enmity in Early Modern Indonesian PaintingOn October 23, 1938, a group of young Indonesian artists met in an elementary school classroom in Jakarta for the inaugural meeting of Persagi, the first platform for the organisation of Indonesian artists. Persagi members wrote art critiques and reviews, held classes and discussion groups, and organised exhibitions until 1942, when the group was forcibly disbanded. Yet many of the artists associated with Persagi then went on to help found other artists' groups and to teach members of the next generation of Indonesian artists.

Published: February 23, 2004

Tantric Hinduism in Khmer Culture by Emma C. Bunker

Tantric Hinduism already had a significant presence in India by the middle of the first millennium CE, when scriptural texts (tantras) began to be compiled. “Tantras (texts) clearly state that scripture is the necessary complement to the oral teachings one receives from the mouth of one’s guru.”  Much of this literature contains descriptions of deities in the form of precepts for meditation and complex mythologies that served as verbal models for artists.Tantric Hinduism in Khmer Culture

Published: November 18, 2003

Ivory Carving in Thailand by Daniel Stiles, Ph.D

Ivory Carving in ThailandVery little is known about the history and artistic aspects of ivory sculpture in Thailand. No art book has ever been devoted to it. This contribution aims to present an introduction to ivory carving in Thailand based on two months of research in Bangkok and central Thailand in early 2003 supported by the National Geographic Society.

Published: August 14, 2003

Thangka Restoration and Conservation by Marion Boyer & Jean Michel Terrier

One of the defining technical characteristics of a thangka, its most distinctive feature, is that it is painted on both sides. Thangkas are painted on a canvas support prepared and coated on both sides. Thangkas are rolled, as Chinese and Japanese works often are. The back of a thangka is as carefully prepared as the front, so that consecrated formulas, mantras, and other religious or historical writings can be inscribed on it.Thangka Restoration and Conservation

Published: June 19, 2003

Conservation Notes on Some Nepalese Paintings by Mary Shepherd Slusser

Conservation Notes on Some Nepalese PaintingsFive of the paintings presented here are now, or will be, in the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia. All have undergone conservation, for the most part minimal but occasionally quite extensive. This report, including pre-restoration photo documentation, is therefore prepared as an aid to scholars and conservators who may be concerned with them. In case of doubt it clearly establishes what is original and what is not.

Published: May 19, 2003

Correlating Paintings of Indian Decorative Objects by Stephen Markel

Scholars of South Asian sculpture are well aware of the complications involved in attempting to correlate various iconographic textual descriptions with surviving images. Due to the wide range of regional, temporal, sectarian, and artistic variations, it is often unusual to find a close one-to-one match in terms of form and attributes. The situation in correlating decorative objects represented in Mughal and Rajput paintings with extant examples is, unfortunately, much the same as the text-versus-image dilemma.Wood and Transience

Published: February 24, 2003

Wood and Transience by Vinayak Bharne & Iku Shimomura

Wood and TransienceIn Japan the notion of Setsuna, meaning transience imparted to wood the same materiality of life and death as at the heart of human consciousness. It embodied an architecture of ephemerality, every building type be it a house, shrine, temple or castle using wood as its building material to bear the unpredictability of Japan's typhoons and earthquakes. This philosophical and pragmatic resultant evolved a distinctly Japanese culture of wood - that through renewal and rebuilding ritualized the transience of timber as its greatest celebration.

Published: February 06, 2003

Ivory Carving in Myanmar by Daniel Stiles

Very little is known about the history, technical aspects and artistic features of ivory sculpture in Myanmar (Burma). Kunz devotes one paragraph and St. Aubyn does not even mention Myanmar in their seminal reviews of ivory art around the world. This paper aims to help fill this gap in our knowledge of Southeast Asian art by presenting the results of six weeks of research in 2002 with ivory carvers in Mandalay, Myanmar, sponsored by the National Geographic Society.Ivory Carving in Myanmar

Published: November 19, 2002

The Silver Jug of the Lhasa Jokhang By Amy Heller

The Silver Jug of the Lhasa JokhangAt present, a silver jug stands in a wooden frame in one of the chapels of the Lhasa Jokhang, traditionally regarded as the oldest temple in Tibet. The people represented on the jug reflect Tibetan familiarity with their neighbors’ appearance and customs. The Tibetans believe this jug to be associated with Songtsen gampo, the first historic ruler of Tibet.

Published: July 18, 2002

Darkness and Light By Goetz Hagmuller

In Asia, light and darkness seem to be much closer together than in our minds. As two sides of the same coin they belong to each other. What our occidental intellect divides into particles, opposites, contrasts, and cause and effect, in the holistic world view of the Orient appears as a whole, a totality with no distinct borders, both this and the other, yin and yang, darkness and light.Darkness & Light

Published: March 29, 2002

Vanishing Dances of Ladakh By Joseph Houseal

Vanishing Dances of LadakhToday, there remain only three monasteries of the Drikung Vajra order performing intact the great ceremonies of dance. Other orders perform similar dance festivals, but the caliber of dancing varies due to many factors. Among these others, Hemis monastery has led the way in turning the sacred dances into a regional Gilbert and Sullivan entertainment for tourists. 

Published: February 14, 2002

A Kushan-period Sculpture from the reign of Jaya Varma, A.D. 185: by Kashinath Tamot and Ian Alsop

In April 1992 workers digging a trench for the foundation of a house in Ma-liga-on stumbled across the most important art historical discovery in the Kathmandu Valley for many years. Lying face-down at a level of about three feet they found a life size (171 x 49 cm) standing male figure carved in pale sandstone.Jaya Varma

Published: July 10, 1996,     Updated December 25, 2001

The "Art" of Conservation By Erich Theophile

The Art of ConservationComing out of the closet about subjectivity and contradictions in an architect's conservation practice: This article grows out of Erich Theophile's introduction to building conservation in 1988 while assisting architect Götz Hagmaller in the restoration of an 18th century palace to house the Patan Museum, Nepal.

Published: October 4, 2001

Tashi Kabum: A Cave Temple associated with Luri Gompa in Upper Mustang, Nepal By Gary McCue

Mary Slusser, in an article on this same cave temple, wrote in 1999 that other scholars "had sought (this temple) in vain following an American trekking guide's signal sometime after 1992, the year Mustang was opened to foreigners.”  (Slusser and Bishop, 1999, p. 20) Gary McCue was that guide, and this is his account of the cave temple.Tashi Kabum

Published: June 18, 2001

Pata-Chitras of Orissa: An Illustration of Some Common ThemesBy Bernard Cesarone

Pata-Chitras of OrissaThe state of Orissa in northeast India has a long tradition in various arts, including dance, architecture, and painting. Among the painting traditions, the devotional art of the pata-chitras, or paintings on cloth, is a folk or popular style that centers around the worship of the god Jagannath (or Jagannatha) but that depicts many other religious themes as well, using the strong line and brilliant color that are typical of Orissan folk painting.

Published: May. 16, 2001

Kuber Singh Shakya: A Master Craftsman of Nepal By Mary Shepherd Slusser and James A. Giambrone

The metallurgical arts of ancient Nepal have long been famous and their antiquity well established. Moreover, despite the well-entrenched opinion that "no living art supports [Nepal's rites and festivals] any longer," the metallurgical arts at least, yet thrive in the creation of quality sacred art that can hold its own with the best of the past.Kuber Singh Shakya

Published: April 19, 2001

Demons & Deities: Masks of the HimalayasBy Thomas Murray

The powerful imagery of the Himalayan mask tradition is drawn from the diverse traditions of shamanism, village myths and the classical traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. In this essay the author probes the 'greater context' of Himalayan masks, finding in them stylistic and thematic affinities with cultures as widespread as those of Eurasia and the Americas, and covering a period extending from the upper Paleolithic era to the present.

Published: Jan. 16, 2001

The Lukhang: a hidden temple in Tibet By Ian A. Baker

The wall inscriptions that accompany many of the specific images are drawn from a 15th century work entitled Kunsang Gongdu, The Realization of Vast Beneficence, a compendium of Dzogchen teachings revealed by the Terton, or "treasure revealer", Pema Lingpa. The Lukhang murals illustrate key episodes in the life of this great master, a direct ancestor of the Sixth Dalai Lama who is credited with the Lukhang's original design at the turn of the 17th century.

Published: Jan. 04, 2001

Images of Lost Civilization: The Ancient Rock Art of Upper Tibet By John Vincent Bellezza

A rock art tradition found on the highest parts of the Tibetan plateau chronicles at least 3000 years of a fascinating but little known civilization.  These images in stone are one of our clearest windows into the nature of early civilization in Tibet and they are invaluable to our understanding of the pre-Buddhist economy, environment and religion. They provide us with graphic evidence of early Tibet for they were wrought by the very hand of her inhabitants.

Published: Nov. 22, 2000

Whiff of Luxury: By Norman A. Rubin

The Mary and George Bloch Chinese snuff bottle collection is a unique assemblage that combines the expression of artistic craftsmanship with creative Chinese ingenuity. Mary and George Bloch  have accomplished a collector's dream. They have, within the relatively short period of fifteen years, assembled an extensive and valuable collection of one of the finest crafts of Chinese artisans.

Published: Nov. 17, 2000

The Synthesis of European and Mughal Art in the Emperor Akbar’s Khamsa of Nizami: By Gregory Minissale

The purpose of this article is to examine the adoption of the European techniques of sfumato, modeling and stereoscopic perspective in the Khamsa illustrations and then to trace the European sources for the motifs of some the key miniatures. In this regard, it is necessary also to look at the use of motifs taken from European maps for Mughal background landscapes, which is a subject that has not been dealt with in Mughal art history.

Published: Oct. 13, 2000

Trance-Dancers of the Goddess Durga: Hamid Sardar

Ancient Nepali chronicles agree that "no dramatic performance equals that of the Harasiddhi priests." The manifestations of the Mother Goddess and her retinue of deities possess the dancers, intoxicated on sacrificial blood and alcohol. A hypnotic musical score, punctuated by symbolic gestures accompanies the spectacle whose secret meanings remain closed to the non-initiateTrance-Dancers of the Goddess Durga

Published: Aug. 17, 2000

Phagpa Lokes'vara of the Potala: Ian Alsop

Phagpa Lokes'vara of the PotalaWho is Phagpa Lokes'vara? How old is his image and where was it made? For the answer to the first question we must turn to Tibetan religious history; for answers to the other two, we must attempt a stylistic analysis without, alas, a direct view of the figure itself, working only with the shadows left by countless pious copyists.... (originally published in Orientations, April 1990)

Published: Dec. 14, 1999 Last Updated: August 4, 2000

 Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore: Norman A. Rubin

Belief in ghosts, demons and spirits has been deep-rooted in Japanese folklore throughout history. It is entwined with mythology and superstition derived from Japanese Shinto, as well as Buddhism and Taoism brought to Japan from China and India. Stories and legends, combined with mythology, have been collected over the years by various cultures of the world, both past and present. Folklore has evolved in order to explain or rationalize various natural events. Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore

Published: June 26, 2000

Wangden Meditation Weaving: Rupert Smith

Wangden Meditation WeavingWangden was once famous throughout Tibet for its unique style of carpet weaving, practiced nowhere else in Tibet, and in great demand by monasteries from Lhasa to Amdo to Ladakh. Wangden carpets were used as meditation mats by the Fifth Dalai Lama, and every year a new set of Wangden runners was woven for use by monks participating in the Great Monlam Prayer Festival in Lhasa, the first and largest religious gathering of the Tibetan Buddhist year.

Published: March 31, 2000

Conservation of a 5th century Buddhist Manuscript: Susan Sayre Batton

In the fall of 1998, a professional numismatist, with a specialty in Classical antiquity, brought an early manuscript to my studio for consultation. The elongated leaves were brittle, compressed together, water damaged, and folded into a tight “S” curve, like a wad of dollar bills after the wash cycle. This manuscript was found in the Bhamiyan cave region in modern Afghanistan, purportedly from the 5th century, on birch bark, and written in the Kharoshti script.Conservation of a 5th century Buddhist Manuscript

Published: Feb. 21, 2000

The History of an Indian Musical Instrument Maker: Steven Landsberg

The History of an Indian Musical Instrument MakerThe shop of Kanailal and Brother was located in a cultural oasis, known as the Barabazar area of Calcutta. Both the renowned poet-philosopher Rabindranath Tagore and the maharaja Sourendra Mohan Tagore, a great patron of the arts, lived in the same area. Many musicians, poets, and writers inhabited this cultural belt of early twentieth century Calcutta and gave it the aesthetic color and feeling that is to this day an inspiration for many of Bengal's contemporary artists.

Published: Feb. 4, 2000

A New Ceiling for the Roof of the World: Broughton Coburn

The Thubchen Gompa, dedicated to Sakyamuni, Buddha of The Present, is located within the walled city of Lo Manthang, the capital of the formerly forbidden Kingdom of Mustang, a cultural relic of Tibet near the Nepal-Tibet border. The American Himlayan Foundation has embarked on an ambitious project to conserve and restore this ancient building and the precious paintings found within it.A New Ceiling for the Roof of the World

Published: Jan. 20, 2000

Changthang Circuit Expedition 1999: By John Vincent Bellezza

Changthang Circuit Expedition 1999While Tibet is synonymous with Buddhist learning and culture, its civilisation extends much further back into antiquity than the Buddhist period. My findings demonstrate that Tibet supported a sophisticated culture long before the dawn of the Buddhist era in the 7th century. This earlier civilisation is closely connected with the Bon religion, an indigenous belief system which seems to have been enriched by various traditions coming from adjoining countries.

Published: Dec. 9, 1999

The Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery: by Terris Temple and Leslie Nguyen

Each great monastery in Tibet once possessed giant silk applique hangings for public display and worship. These often huge banners comprise some of Tibet's greatest art treasures because of their spiritual significance, size and intricate design. Some survived the cultural revolution - most did not. The giant banners of Tsurphu monastery in central Tibet-traditional seat of the Karmapas-were both destroyed during this time.The Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery

Published: Dec. 5, 1995 Updated: October 08, 1999

Thogchags, The Ancient Amulets of Tibet text by John Vincent Bellezza

The Ultimate Essence of Thogchags

Thogchags are Tibetan talismans made of bronze and meteoric metals dating as far back as the Bronze Age. While precise dates for the Tibetan Bronze Age have yet to be formulated, archaeological evidence from various sites around the country indicate that it began no later than the beginning of the Second Millennium BCE. An unbroken tradition of producing amulets extends into the Iron Age and Buddhist periods creating a cultural legacy several thousand years old.

Published: June 1, 1999

The Murals of Baiya Monastery: by Jonathan Bell

The murals of Dege County’s Pewar (Ch. Baiya) Monastery are truly exquisite works of art that embrace their subject matters with a mixture of vivid color and painstaking detail. From ghastly esoteric scenes of demons wearing human skins to the serenity of buddhas seated in meditation, the depictions on the walls of the temple and upper prayer room comprise a mixture of stylistic influences from within and outside Tibet.The Murals of Baiya Monastery

Published: March 8, 1999

New Archeological Discoveries in Tibet: by John Vincent Bellezza

New Archeological Discoveries in TibetIn August and September of 1998 the author discovered a series of pre-Buddhist archaeological sites in the western Tibet province of Ngari (mNga’ ris). Located in close proximity to what had been important prehistoric sources of fresh water, these ancient sites include burial mounds, villages and ceremonial structures. Situated at 4500 meters in the Changthang (Byang thang), the vast northern plains of Tibet, these finds significantly add to our knowledge of Tibet before the spread of Buddhism in the 7th to 11th centuries.

Published: December 17, 1998

Augmented Nationalism: The Nomadic Eye of Painter M.F. Husain (b. 1915):

A study of the art of India's most famous living painter, Maqbool Fida Husain (known to millions of his admirers simply as Husain), by Shyamal Bagchee of the University of Alberta English Department. This wide ranging article examines Husain's art from the perspective of his, and the author's, Nationalism: "A point that is often missed by critics writing about Husain is that he operates out of probably the one country in the world that can mount a really serious challenge to the so called new imperialism of a postmodern, post-rational, fast replicating, information proliferating, media-dominated, United States of America."Augmented Nationalism

Published: July 3, 1998

The Conservation of Tibetan Thangkas:

The Conservation of Tibetan ThangkasThe Conservation of Tibetan Thangkas consists of a series of articles presented at papers to the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC) Annual Meeting in Santa Fe New Mexico in September 1992. The articles include technical notes and procedures and photographs of various stages of conservation. Published in Asian Arts 3/5/98, with kind permission of WAAC and the authors.

Published: March 5, 1998

Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha: by Joanna Kirkpatrick

The three wheeled pedicab or cycle ricksha of Bangladesh has been around at least since the late forties and the partition of India. In those days they were left more or less undecorated. Sometime in the sixties it began its development into a "peoples' art" that combines folkloric, movie, political and commercial imagery and techniques. It serves the expression of heart's desires of the man in the street for women, power, wealth, as well as for religious devotion.Bangladeshi Arts of the Ricksha

Published: December 5, 1997

Early Portrait Painting in Tibet: by Jane Casey Singer

Early Portrait Painting in TibetOne facet of Tibetan iconic art is to be found in early portrait paintings. Portraiture figured prominently in Tibetan art between ca. 1000 and 1400 A.D., and yet almost nothing is known about its functions and its significance. This essay addresses two main questions: What aesthetic and theoretical guides did artists observe in painting historical persons? And what social, political, and religious purposes did portraiture serve in pre-fifteenth century Tibet?

Published: November 30, 1996

China Exploration & Research Society: Conserving Tibetan Art and Architecture by Pamela Logan

The goal of the China Exploration and Research Society (CERS) projects in Tibet is to save some of the last intact monasteries on the eastern plateau. Internationally known experts are teaching Tibetans how to repair traditional buildings while retaining as much original material as possible.

(Asian Arts is delighted to be able to host the CERS site here, where researchers will be periodically updating the site with CERS activities.)

China Exploration & Research Society

Published: CERS: November 13, 1996

Intro to Kathmandu University Department of Music: by Gert-Matthias Wegner

Introduction to Kathmandu University Department of MusicThe musical traditions of Nepal are as diverse as the various ethnic groups of the country. The most complex musical culture in the Himalayas is that of the Newar in the Kathmandu valley which in the course of the past 2000 years has absorbed mostly Indian influences shaping a unique musical tradition.

Published: April 17, 1996

Images of Earth and Water: The Tsa-Tsa Votive Tablets of Tibet: by Juan Li

In 1938 after returning from one of his extensive expeditions to Ladakh and Western Tibet, the great Italian tibetologist Giuseppe Tucci published a volume on Stupa symbolism as part of the Indo-Tibetica series. The second part of this pioneering study is dedicated to the votive clay tablets known as tsa-tsa. Although Tucci was not the first to write about tsa-tsa, his study remains the only extensive exploration of this art form. The present article aims at updating some the information on this neglected area of studies.Images of Earth and Water

Published: November 11, 1995

Introduction to the Art of Mongolia: by Terese Tse Bartholomew

Introduction to the Art of Mongolia Tibetan Buddhism, a highly ritualistic religion with a huge pantheon of gods and goddesses, inspired the religious art of Mongolia (fig. 1). As in most religions, there is a need to create cult images in painting and sculpture, as well as ritual objects and other paraphernalia associated with worship of the deities.The objects in this exhibition associated with religious worship date from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries and are the result of the second wave of conversion to Buddhism in Mongolia. 

Published: September 7, 1995

A Taglung Lama: by Jane Casey Singer

This charming thirteenth century portrait depicts a religious hierarch from the Taglung branch of the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism. Wearing monastic robes, he is seated on a throne whose symbolic significance reflects the considerable spiritual authority which the hierarch enjoyed in his day. Mountain staves, indicating that the central figure is meant to appear within a mountain cave, surround him and his attendants in the upper and side registers.A Taglung Lama

Published: March 17, 1995

An Early stone fragment in Central Nepal: by Thomas Pritzker

An Early stone fragment in Central NepalJust south of the town of Arughat, along the Buri Gandaki River in central Nepal there is a small hot spring which has been channelled into a public bath. Next to this bath are two small buildings which over the centuries were used as Buddhist and then Hindu shrines. While there are a number of sculptures of interest I would like to point out a fragment which is in the wall of the southernmost building. The figure on the left shows the visible portion of this fragment.

Published: March 17, 1995

Licchavi Caityas of Nepal: A Solution to the Empty Niche: by Ian Alsop

Among the curious puzzles of early Nepalese sculpture and architecture are the empty niches of the lovely Licchavi stone caityas that dot the Kathmandu valley. These elegant caityas are fully decorated, often with exquisitely detailed carvings, but the niches where one might suppose the figures of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas would normally reside, are vacant.Licchavi Caityas of Nepal

Published: March 17, 1995 Updated: Feb. 10, 2000

Tsakli:Tibetan Miniature Ritual Paintings: by Juan Li

Tsakli:Tibetan Miniature Ritual PaintingsAmong the numerous items employed in Tibetan ritual is a genre of miniature painting little known in the occident and rarely spoken of in the liturgical literature translated into western languages. These are the 'Tsakli' or 'Initiation Cards' . Tsakli paintings are employed in numerous ritual situations such as empowerment, ritual mandalas, transmission of teachings, substitutes for ceremonial items, visualization aids and funerals.

Published: March 17, 1995

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Il y avait beaucoup de mauvaises d Michael Kors Sac écisions et la mauvaise g Air Jordan Geneve estion dans les premières années de l'agence qui était une décennie et demi auparavant. L'exciter en caressant les différentes Michael Kors Sac parties de......more

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De même probab Air Jordan Geneve le e Ceinture Gucci Suisse t la plus plausible est l'hypothèse selon laquelle il ya eu beaucoup de grands coups, et qu'il y aura beaucoup plus: Cette illustration des univers liés imite 'Sel Nike Cortez Femme f Reprod......more

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C'est probablement en partie à cause frénéti Polo Ralph Lauren Genève que de Nike Shox Rivalry dernière minute achats de Noël devient de plus en plus le comportement traditionnel, avec prestige comptoirs de beauté offrant une gamme d'options de cade......more

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Il peut juste être une raison à cela (à part le fait que ce Sac Michael Kors genre PR pablum est probablement je Nike Free Suisse té avec citations d'un entretien téléphonique solitaire): enfants, ceux de ces écoles portant le nom de leur poitrine, ......more

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Les conceptions distinctives sont étroitement liés, tout Nike Free 5.0 permet modulari Louis Vuitton Suisse té. Les scènes de l'île avant que le phénomène de l'intelligence (contrairement à la chronique des événements similaires dans les boiteux Six......more

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Pe Air Max Pas Cher Suisse olple, en particulier les riche New Balance Shoes s dans la société, ont eu l'idée que seuls Euro styles de meubles étaient vaut posséder. Nous avons à peine besoin de spam des moteurs de recherche pou Nike Shox r ce texte ......more

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Vous n'avez pas à sortir et d'acheter un Oakley S Oakley Suisse uisse magazine très souvent. Dyster dit, était pour le dévelo Michael Kors Suisse ppement des pièces, y compris le calendrier détaillé résumant les dates d'achèvement prévues pour le tra......more

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Siger jeg op en kon Nike Shox Tilbud trakt. Barnet var ellers fornuftig og sammenhængende, og syntes undskyld Nike Air Max 90 for sin opførsel efter den kendsgerning, bør det være forholdsvis let for ham at se det fornuftige i at forsøge at stoppe d......more

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Je Nike Air Max 90 g Polo Shirt Tilbud forsøger at støtte de mennesker i mit netværk, læsning og fremme deres artikler, men bortset fra det, Nike Store er der ingen tid er involveret i at have Nike Air Max 90 et netværk. Jeg sandsynligvis bære det ......more

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I sin fr Nike Free 5.0 itid, Dr. T Nike Air Max Tilbud im nyder at tilbringe tid på sin Ranch i Atlanta, Texas, Nike Free 5.0 hvor han bor sammen med sin smukke kone, Pam, og deres fem Nike Air Max Tilbud Nike Roshe Run Woven fantastiske børn. Som t......more

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Men glitches tilbage, siger Julie Batail Nike Roshe Run le, en talskvinde for Sundhed og Human Services Department, som fører tilsyn me Nike Air Max d den føderale lovgivning kendt Nike Roshe Run som Obamacare.Fixing kommunikation med forsikringssels......more

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Et af Dr. Rulon foretrukne præsidenter var Lyndon Baines Johnson, ell Nike Roshe Run Dame er LBJ. Han fortalte os enga Mont Blanc Fyldepen ng, hvordan efter Nike Roshe Run Dame LBJ tiltrådte han blev spurgt, om han ville erstatte J. Går til neurologi......more

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L Nike Roshe ang halskæde går ned indtil spaltnin Mont Blanc Pen g henleder opmærksomheden mod bryster, og dermed undgå lange halskæder. I øreringe store lysekrone øreringe er gode til at vælge. Anerkendt som en modern Nike Shox Tilbud e tanke leder ......more

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I comporta New Balance 574 mentisti sono scettici sulle affermazioni metafisic Michael Kors Lugano he. I comportamentisti cercano leggi che governano il comportamento umano il senso di scienze naturali cercano leggi empiriche che governano eventi nat......more

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Per otten Michael Kors Schweiz ere nuovi membri per il gruppo google, è necessario commercializz Mbt Svizzera arlo. Ovviamente questo è più facile a dirsi che a farsi, dal momento che molte persone avrebbero ucciso per un sistema Hollister Milano so......more

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'L'aumento di cura per le madri più anziane sarà davver Hollister Lugano o aumen Tiffany Zurigo tare la domanda sugli ospedali di maternità e di aumentare la pressione sui medici', ha detto Jiang Peiru, responsabile della ginecologia in uno dei migli......more

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Oggi è il Michael Kors Schweiz giorno Nike Shoes prima colazione. Se io non ho la bestest mai la colazione al mio hotel molto bello marittima a Bantry, non voglio sopravvivere al g Hollister Lugano iorno che ho davanti a me. A partire da 10:00 Darò......more

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I rang one of the players who'd heard a rumour that the match was ca Nike Air Force 1 Uk ncelled by our club and that Pandora Charms Uk management were attending a meeting with the FAI that evening. This wasn't good news. We provide Rehabilitation, ......more

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Care must be taken think long and hard befor Cheap Gucci Trainers e adding new sections to your website if it depends on google Insanity Workout Uk ranking and think even harder on any plugins you might want to use on your forums. The same is true a......more

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Also Pandora Uk relevant here is the numb Fake Oakley Sunglasses er of commenters of the female persuasion. Women may control the end result of this election Pandora Uk and again winner: DNC.. Non 1 Jeremy Scott Uk 2 step rehab centers system of ......more

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[QUOTE=Shaner;14613248]I Cheap Polo Shirt Uk applaud the man for being bold his personal beliefs. Cheap Vibram Five Fingers Uk If he's antigay why should he have to go and also have any kind of participation? Is it because he's mayor? If that's the......more

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"And I do think, I have some very strong opinions and yet Fake Oakley Sunglasses Uk as soon as I make some strong opinions or anything, then ever Ralph Lauren Uk ybody decides to take their bow and arrow and a shotgun and Fake Oakley Sunglasses Uk a......more

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Small wonder some retreat into binge drinking. But in Cheap Michael Kors B Cheap Michael Kors Bags Uk ags Uk politics, as in sport, it is important to re Nike Free Run 3 Uk member your victories. The supporters, the town of Southampton and the region......more

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Many Americans dream of quitting their cor Louboutin Shoes Uk porate job, start Cheap Nike Trainers ing a company, and becoming their own boss. There something quintessentially American about striking out on your own, a sort of cultural heritage of p......more

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US Super Soldi Ralph Lauren Shirts ers Of The Future Will Be Genetically Modified Transhumans Capable Air Max 90 Uk Of Superhuman Feats. Former Penn State Cronies Get Plush Gov't Jobs. This form of corporate swallows a significant labor and as a res......more

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Become an active member of Gucci Belt Replica Uk the city. Conn Cheap Air Max 1 ect with other members. I think most would agree that more is better. A diverse social media strategy is going to be most effective in capturing the largest share of soc......more

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A dedicated husband, a loyal friend, along with a patriotic American, Ja Michael Kors Purses Uk ck was smar Cheap Nike Shox Uk t, funny, opinionated, assertive, upbeat, generous, tenacious, independent, determined, selfconfident, perfectionistic, and......more

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Les promesses sont tr Hollister Rouen aités avec respect et frères seront toujou Hollister Soldes rs prêts à vous aider avec les défis que les promesses visage. Comme une promesse, vous serez toujours entre de bonnes mains. Nous ne vous demanderons j......more

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제목 : Ray Ban Glasögon
Casa Nueva är allt man kan förvänta sig av ett oberoende, workero Ray Ban Solglasögon wned Ray Ban Glasögon restaurang i en funky, progressiv college stad som Aten, Ohio. Du har insett att förtrollningen av musik, en lugn miljö, en stödjande gemensk......more

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När vi har en webbplats utformad, vi Jordan Skor testar det under all Barbour Outlet a möjliga förhållanden på gamla datorer, konstiga operativsystem, på konstiga timmar. Värmen vid denna tid på året var kvävande och fångarna trampade Longchamp Sver......more

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Vissa av dessa annonsörer kan använda teknik sås Longchamp Sverige om cookies och web beacons när de annonserar på vår webbplats, s Jordan Skor om också kommer att skicka dessa annonsörer (t.ex. Google genom Google AdSense-programmet) Information . E......more

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제목 : Longchamp Stockholm
Dessa människor bokstavligen se tanke Nike Jordan Skor n på ett monogamt förhållande som att lägga Vibram Fivefingers Kso alla sina ägg i en korg. Denna metod rör sig bort från att använda fast bredd webbplatser och använder istället Media frågor in......more

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제목 : Vibram Fivefingers
Det bästa och i stort sett accepterat som de många lukrativa metoder för Vibram Fivefingers Rea att Vibram Skor titta hogs bygger om en förpackning med effektivt tränade hundar. Olson, är M. Bolagets handelssymbol ändras till "VIEW" effektiv öppnan......more

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To give a Speech In General: A speech should flow naturally, like yo Timberland Boots Uk u just talking to the people. If Replica Ray Bans Uk it feels like your reading it, the audience may grow weary from the reading lesson Change the words and a......more

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제목 : Nike Free 3.0 Uk
When on Earth, I never Celine Bag Sydney saw myself as Ralph Lauren Uk old. Being old is a state of mind, one I had no desire to enter. So I lived life to the full, right up to my passing. This trail sys Air Yeezy Uk tem starts close to the tallest......more

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You will hardly find any Nike Shox Nz body who does not have a Facebook account. Funny Status Messages for Facebook Nike Malaysia Status message updates and sayings for your Facebook, Twitter, or profile. The other 10 per cent are from bottles sent ......more

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제목 : Nike Air Yeezy 2 Uk
Well, recently, she st Nike Roshe Run Toronto a Mbt Shoes Uk rted teasing me, and calling me "heyy, Mr. Handsome", or similar things. I'm using this as a good sign, and I'm kinda going out with her today. We stick to the trail towards our right (west......more

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제목 : Nike High Heels Singapore
A review snapshot pr Beats Singapore ovides a quick run Hollister Singapore down of the features most owners like and dislike. Other relevant information accompanies owner comments, such as whether they're Prada Trainers firsttime parents and best p......more

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제목 : Jeremy Scott Adidas
I grew up on Python and also have followed Terry Gilliam's subsequent d Abercrombie & Fitch Australia irectorial career for additiona Mbt Trainers l years than I care to remember. Half his output leaves me cold, the other half dazzle me beyond belief......more

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I went to Synergi today and am giving the salon 5 stars! Aishia was my sty Beats By Dre Singapore list and I really think that she did Nike Running Shoes a fantastic job. I am not natural and I obtain a relaxer about 34x a year in DC and I visit Col......more

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Have a nice cuppa herbal tea. Following sources Nike Air Max Tn 2013 were consulted in the construction of this article. W Nike Free Run Shoes Online itches' Voice: Holidays of WitchcraftSamhain The Witches' Sabbats: Samhain by Mike Nicols The brand......more

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제목 : Lacoste Shirt Price Australia
I asked mike if he had fired these rounds from the 1911, specifically Nike Cortez Ebay a Kimber Stii. Nike Cortez Ebay He had not, nor did he have Buy Nike Roshe Run data on it. Buy Nike Roshe Run He had promised to consider it but was unable to fi......more

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Australia Mr. Lieberman is often engaged to assist family law attorneys, Buy Roshe Run transactional lawyers, and other litigators to advise on the bankruptcy related issues confronting their clients. He speaks and writes on......more

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can take nothing for granted from the already s Nike Free Australia Buy afe Ardrahan, as no more like Kiltormer, this Ardrahan side always visit win a m Nike Air Max 90 Infrared atch and the club always play with pride in their blue jersey. In fact o......more

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제목 : Nike Free 3.0 V5 Review
Searchin Air Yeezy 2 g. Buy Nike Air Max Shoes Online ARMSTRONG'S HANDBOOK OF Hr MANAGEMENT PRACTICE. Hhs, health, human , services, health and human services, secretary, surgeo Roshe Run Nike n general, hipaa, hippa, civil rights, bioterror, terror......more

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Network Participation: There are likely network websites, discussion board Nike Free Run 5.0 Womens Australia s, as well as weblogs focused o Oakley Frogskin Lenses n joining together web users who are usually interested in your site topic. Locate th......more

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If you do not agree, with the following Buy Nike Free conditions and terms Buy Nike Free then we do Buy Nike Free not grant license and/or the right for you to access or use within any form this site. No thing about this web Buy Nike Free site may ......more

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Try Ray Ban Wayfarer Matte Black the Dry Skin Brus Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Sydney hing Cellulite Reduction green ones like kale cucumber and add apple and ginger! your magic bullets. I now fast once a week with vegetable juices and drink mostly ve......more

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But DO NOT run the por Cheap Insanity Workout Uk tage on the way back. We ran the portage thinking we can walk Beats By Dre our canoe. NOPE there's a BIG and dangerous water fall. Key matchup: Cleanthony Early vs. Any La Salle defender. The 68 JUCO ......more

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제목 : Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings
Try stopping Cheap Gucci Trainers for a C Nike Shox heap Gucci Trainers drink at a real Western saloon at Pios Altos or go to the Billy the Kid jail site. The people here love to tell about the city's histor Replica Ray Bans Wayfarer Uk y and visito......more

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제목 : Louis Vuitton Toronto
Some mothers wonder ho Cheap Oakley Goggles Uk w babies can hiccup in utero after all, Mont Blanc Starwalker they're not really breathing yet. "Unless the hiccups hinder daily activities like sleeping or eating, you don't need to see a healthcare pr......more

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DNS resolve verification checks whether your site is opened Nike High Heels if Nike High Heels you specify its Cheap Nike Shoes Singapore name using the prefix Cheap Nike Shoes Singapore "www", as well as without it. But, not every websites keep DN......more

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My p Hollister Sg ersonal take on the new site is positive. I believe Holl Jeremy Scott Singapore ister Sg there is a lot of room for improvement on the homepage (speaking from the usability perspective). The individua Cheap Oakley Sunglasses l stock......more

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제목 : Celine Bag
However, he needs to go take a look at his play in the Panther's losses since i Insanity Workout Uk think he had atleast one turnover in each of their Louis Vuitton Malaysia losses. In Insanity Workout Uk some of their games like Detriot he had mul......more

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제목 : Cheap Polo Ralph Lauren Aust..
Corollary: there's a growing interest in men for dating older women. Why? Hey Nike Heels Singapore , this is an article for women over 50 so we KNO Ralph Lauren Singapore W why. It always gets done. Jack and that i drive to our favourite park, where ......more

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제목 : Nike Air Max 90 Infrared
T Nike Free 4.0 V2 his is the web site of the Nike Free 4.0 V2 Lacoste Outlet Brisbane United Nations System in Lebanon, the window around the world of the many different organizations of the United Nations present and/or active in Lebano Oakley Jaw......more

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제목 : Air Max 2014 Sale
Try to teach yourself no Oakley Holbrook Lenses t to try to think so much, and take that to the game, sa Longchamp Online Shopping Australia id Weeks. Just want to worry about seeing the ball and hitting the ball, really. When you start fretting abou......more

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제목 : Nike Shox Turbo 13
She snatched the bill Mens Ugg Boots and said, 'No I will pay right n Nike Shoes Online Cheap ow.' She pulled some 100 rupees bills, threw them on the table and stormed out," he recalls. "I was expecting a call from her afterwards. But." he Womens ......more

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제목 : Emu Uggs Nz
Over the past 15 years or so, a Cheap Nike Roshe Online lmost every flavor has shown up in grocery and convenience Nike Free Trainer Fit 3 Trainers stores. No longer do we need Baskin and Robbins, Carnation, Swensen's (could they be still there?), o......more

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제목 : Nike Shoes Australia Melbourne
This exposed more la Cheap Air Max 1 nd and the shoreline was further Air Force 1 Nike Australia (several kilometres) out to sea Cheap Air Max 1 than it is today.Around 10,000 BC major climate changes caused the retreat fro Nike Air Max 2014 Womens ......more

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Learning how to use this tool requires an immersion and a willingness to Longchamp Australia Price examine and reexamine everything in one's e Mens Nike Free Run 2 nvironment through a particular type of worldview. It takes time, lots of time. The G......more

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These big five are accountable fundamentally f Andrew Abercrombie Melbourne or the flow of daily news Oakley Glasses Prescription that originates in, and is also distributed to the entire civilised world. And with the increasing sophistication of co......more

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제목 : Buy Roshes Online
Buy Nike Shox Cheap Online The Honest Life recounts Albas personal journey of discover Nike Free Run Nz y Buy Nike Shox Cheap Online and divulges her tips for making healthy living fun, real, and stylish, while offering a candid look inside her home......more

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제목 : Roupas Abercrombie Fitch
O Cidade de Germantown não Oculos Da Oakley Com Fone De Ouvido quer nenhum galinhas ou patos para serem vendidos em pequenos grup Óculos Oakley Feminino os de 25, se as aves são menos de oito semanas de idade. As coisas estão realmente clicar. Eu me......more

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Moore Jr. O conteúdo deste site são a Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce pe Camisas Hollister Mercadolivre nas para fins informativos e Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce estão destinados a ser discutido com seu médico ou outro profissional de saúde qualificado ante......more

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제목 : Ralph Lauren Home
Seu negócio é um negócio que vai parecer fácil Fred Per Fred Perry Polo Brasil ry Polo Brasil Eles sabem que in Oculos Sol Ray Ban Masculino iciar e gerir um negócio de sucesso é um assunto sério Tudo que eles fazem para o mercado e movimentar o seu ......more

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제목 : Oculo Oakley Holbrook
Aquela parte da manhã real Casado, quando especialista Mercado de Inmate Oakley Preço câmbio conselheiro Inmate Oakley Preço cfd ea forex que é definido em um lado ap Hollister Preços Brasil enas testar resultados abriga o forex software forex mais ......more

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제목 : Oculos De Sol Ray Ban Caçador
Robot Mercado, pálido e eu, Oculos D Oculos Da Oakley Holbrook a Oakley Ho Oakley Replica lbrook chorei mantido por um pequeno pedágio no corretor rapé mercado mercado de câmbio carros e vibra suavemente dedos comerciais .. A província é actualmente ......more

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제목 : Polos Fred Perry
No celeiro, explorar a vida da agricultura, na virada do século e equipam Ralph Lauren Home ento antigo fazenda. Relacionamentos são Abercrombie Camisas Polo altamente valorizados em muitas culturas, especialmente em culturas asiáticas e européias, ......more

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제목 : Oculo Oakley Grau
No entanto, Pace po Ray Ban Oculos Shop de obter uma decisão diferente e se Camisa Polo Lacoste Feminina r governado Ray Ban Oculos Shop elegível. O balão é então amarrado de forma segura, a fim de certificar-se de que não há vazamentos em seu caminh......more

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제목 : Lacoste Camiseta Gola Redonda
Eu tenho a cabeça li Outlet Abercrombie Miami mpa, explica. Verifiqu Lacoste Polo Paises e se o seu pacote de proposta parece atraente e profissional, também. Um dos aspectos mais divertidos de estar em STARFLEET é que cada membro pode ser Outlet Abe......more

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제목 : Oculos Da Oakley Espelhado
Isso vai ser de cerca de 12 centímetros acima onde os pequenos Abercrombie Preço Miami solavancos são, no início de sua t Oculos De Grau Oakley rinca de fundo. Os diferentes tipos de casos que justifiquem a cirurgia para médicos mão pode ocorrer a q......more

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제목 : Clubmaster Ray Ban Grau
Alívio de Ouro por muitos anos para doenças e acidentes para o qual foi anunciad Oculos Ray Ban 3025 o e encontrei-o completamente igual a tudo o que diz Oculos De Sol Ray Ban Barato em para ele. 123people calcula os itens na nuvem de tags de resulta......more

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Deixe o seu acampamento Wayfarer Ray Ban Replica aventura BC começar!. Foi lá que fez. E eu te Oculos De Grau Oakley Replica nha em mente que eu recebi botas Timberland no ano passado que me fez louco para a razão que Timberland é a minha marca de s......more

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제목 : Camisa Pólo Flamengo
Os itens mostrados na nuvem de Camisa Polo Ralph Lauren Masculina Social tags também podem não se Óculos Ray Ban aplicar a uma busca de Howard Clarke. Camisa Polo Ralph Lauren Masculina Social Mas nós queremos que você tenha o seu bife e comê-lo, t......more

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Além do mais, a soar o apito e servindo como o gatil Fred Perry Camisa h Hollister Co Abercrombie o para a NATO ou a ação dos EUA na Síria colocaria Israel em uma posição vulnerável, Eiland disse .. Durante o Fred Perry Camisa ciclo do nitrogênio, o ......more

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제목 : Wayfarer Ray Ban Replica
Chuvas de abril ter chegado ao fim, e vamos dar espaço para flores de mai Lojas Hollister Eua o. Durante Posto 1/2013 Outlet Abercrombie Marc mensagem em JOGAR foi compartilhado com as pessoas em Victoria, Nova Gales do Sul e Queensland e porque foi......more

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제목 : Abercrombie Camisetas Mascul..
"Desejo a todos Lojas Hollister Em Brasilia os meus rapazes Staff Pro eram como Frank", disse Pierce. O Dis Clubmaster Ray Ban Beige c Man mencionado no dia 65 é o primeiro da marca Sony de CD portátil, pela primeira vez no mercado em 1984. Para aju......more

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I myself had symptoms only becaus Nike Shox R4 White e my numbers were from the charts. When I say off the charts my Cholesteral Nike Air Max 1 Og was in the 900's and Triglicerides were up to 1900, . Its ability to maintain a precise beat on timing......more

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Cannot provide the opportunity for every Nike Air Max Ltd Australia student that wishes it. Gentleman brought up the problem of $400,000 Longchamp Online Australia in unused sick leave, questioning the board, asking, a person retires do they receiv......more

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Financial Advisors: H Timberland Stockists Melbourne ome Page! PASFAA Home Profile FREE Newsletters, Over 20. People who sa Nike Free 3.0 V4 id Lt. Dennis Cooley. I'll include more advice in future columns. For now, here's a choice of the experts' be......more

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The 450km op Uggs Fremantle en Nike Free Run 3.0 sea voyage to Santa Cruz was the Lapita sea farers initial foray against the prevailing currents [R Green, 1976]. The extant Santa Cruz male Fred Perry Vest population includes a 97.2% Melanesian Y c......more

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It is not b Nike Shox R4 Women y accident. Here you will find a brief a very nice review on co Vibram Five Fingers Sydney Australia njugate priors. Concretely, it mentions that if there exist a set of of sufficient statistics of fixed dimension for t......more

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Sheikh told the media that the abductors a Cheap Nike Free Run ssaulted him and Hollister Shoppingtown his son before throwing them out of a car. The lawyer and his son sought help from some local residents, who alerted the police. No one claimed re......more

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Kim Horner serves in Northfield Public Schools' Tac Nike Tns kling Obstacles Reaching College Hopes (TORCH) program. The program's mission Vibram Melbourne Store Nike Tns is to improve the graduation and postsecondary participation rates of Northfie......more

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Maybe you also require night babysitters or caregivers Michael Kors Iphone Wallet when you're away from home for extended periods. Some daycare centers may also Nike Free 4.0 V2 offer exercise programs for children or an after school kids club.. Bu......more

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Tutored by a poet and literary critic Vasily Z Buy Ugg Online Nz hukovsky, the young heir apparent re Buy Polo Ralph Lauren Australia ceived an extensive and thorough education, from arts and languages to sciences and rigorous military training. To a......more

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As hard as he lobbied Buy Roshe Run Australia to become enlisted Buy Roshe Run Australia , Republi Buy Nike Free Run 3 c Studios lobbied harder to keep him out of Buy Nike Free Run 3 the war. They won, and Wayne needed to content himself with being a......more

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Die Kinder, die Amoklauf im l Nike High Heels Schweiz etzten Monat überlebt, verzeichnete eine Ve Tiffany Zürich rsion von "Over the Rainbow", um Geld für wohltätige Zwecke. Sie nahm den Song in der Wohnung von zwei ehemaligen Mitgliedern des Talking......more

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Mmmm, ich liebe Zitronen- Nike Shox Rivalry Quark. Ich habe eine Ärzte-Termin an diesem Nachmittag, wie ich dieses Ding k Abercrombie London alt für 11 Tage jetzt hatte, und während ich sagte, ich war gestern wieder besser, ich bin nicht besser heute......more

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Es ist sehr einfach in Brain Hogan Schuhe Schweiz storming aufgeregt über die eigene Kreativität zu bekommen, aber wenn es ni Nike Shox Schweiz cht zu Ihrem Publikum zu sprechen, es wird keine Umsatz werden. Hier sind Hogan Schuhe Schweiz einige Nike......more

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Ein Beispiel, wie die Alexander-Papier verwendet wird, um Medicaid Block Zusch眉 Tiffany Ohrringe sse und Finanzierung Kappen f枚rdern ist ein Papier von Douglas Ho New Balance Zürich ltz Eakin, der Pr盲sident der amerikanischen Action-Forum (schriftlic......more

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I Nike Free 3.0 V5 ch habe ein Nike Air Max 2014 e Tochter, die für einen funktioniert. Nach 10 Jahren an der Arbeit, die sie kommen und nehmen Sie die Gesundheits weg und zahlen ihr Geld. Illeg Nike Zürich al! Warum suchen wir nicht an das? Das ist,......more

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Die Kritiken, die sagen, das Laufwerk ist schlecht fals Nike Air Max Outlet ch waren. Es ist nur etwa 40 Minuten und verging schnell. New Balance Schweiz Als wir zum Resort wurden wir direkt an den Butler Lounge, wo sie bot uns Wasser und ein kühles......more

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Je me sentais excité après avoir mangé des Lancel Sacs Pas Chers aliments entiers. Lady semences bâton maintient la peau sèch Lancel Bb Sac e avec sa protection de allday features.Nivea Pur Déodorant Spray anti-transpirant: Ce déodorant magique a ob......more

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Compensation de Lancel Sacs Dali s diff茅rents types de documents Lucene algorithme de notation fonctionne tr Lancel Premier Flirt Prix 猫s bien si vos documents sont homog猫nes. Lancel Sacs Dali Mais si vous avez diff茅rents types de documents, vous dev......more

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Copiez et collez un l Prix Lancel Daligramme ien direct de votre vidéo Lancel Sacs YouTube (ou Google Video, Metacafe, Vimeo, MySpace) dans le champ "URL de la vidéo" et appuyez sur "Ajouter vidéo". Le Conseil de développement économique et de l'Ins......more

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En outre, certains des liens ci-de Lancel Soldes Premier Flirt ssus pourraient être des l Soldes Lancel Brigitte Bardot iens d'affiliation, ce qui veut dire que je vais gagner une commission (sans coût supplémentaire pour vous) si vous décidez de cli......more

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C'est pourquoi nous sommes contre les fouilles, les étudiants .. Quel Lancel French Flair Python les sont les chances?. Parc national de Mammoth Cave Lance Vanessa Bruno Noir Petit l French Flair Python est à environ une heure, et la vieille ville fa......more

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Je DoubleClick sur elle, et c'est reparti. Le dessin du dr Portefeuille Lancel Premier Flirt apeau a été donnée à Allyson Holmbom de Bar Harbor. Lancel Pas Cher Que reste-t-à-dire qui n'a pas été dit? Le fait est que cela n'a jamais été d'aller trav......more

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Similaire au code d'importation utilis茅 pour mettre 脿 jour un backend 脿 distance Portefeuille Lancel Bb ). Hartley, bien s没r, ne pas pr茅voi Vanessa Bruno Cabas Daim r qu'elle aurait une nuit comme elle l'a fait. L'aide 脿 la vie am茅lior茅 a seulement 1......more

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Richard M. Nixon Sac Lancel Occasion sera toujours entachée par un mot et toutes les connotations qu'il p Sac Lancel Solde orte: Watergate. Mais contrairement à George W. Bush, dont l'héritage sera à jamais entachée par le mot Irak et toutes les con......more

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Som af 1993 flere forældre i LBUSD grænser indskrevet deres børn i Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton København København Los Alam Nike Air Max 90 itos Unified School District dagpleje program, så de derefter kunne bruge LBUSD regler distrikt transfer og e......more

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Min søster Nike Air Force 1 blev diagnosticeret end 5 år siden. Hun vil Nike Air Max 1 være 61 i februar 2014. Hun tager et par medicin, og hendes læge siger prognosen er forsigtigt god. Af Chris ConteFRANKLIN, Tenn Beboere, der bor la Air Max 1 ng......more

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Jeg allerede fortælle alle og enhver Nike København om, hvor stor Squa Mont Blanc Pen respace er. Jeg don vide, hvorfor ingen hørt om det, eller hvorfor nogen stadig bruger noget andet. Fordi gameplayet kredser omkring en st Nike Free Run 3 yrkelse ......more

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Efter Anden Verdenskrig, den knækkede og skyldf Nike Roshe Run Dame ølels Air Max 1 e redet nationer i Europa enedes om at flytte de overlevende jøder der ønskede at gå til denne traditionelle hjemland. En FN-mandat blev establish Nike Air Max 90 ed.......more

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Hair CareSelling businesses and franchises is our pass Pandora Bracelet Australia ion. The website provides a Hermes Belt cost effective software for any business owner, broker or business transfer agency to offer and sell businesses online. There y......more

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If you don't, use yours along with let us use ours with no sticking Jordan Shoes your nose in. Fo Oakley Sunglasses r those who hate VB or think its inferior, why are you even reading a post about VB? We all have our reasons for choosing the tools w......more

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Justin Morneau's sacrifice fly pushed the Twins ahead, before Plouffe's RBI doub Nike Heaven le chased Webster. Aaron Hicks then were built with a two run single off Felix Beats Headphones Australia Doubront and Florimon followed together with his t......more

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If Pandora Pandora Jewelry Australia Jewelry Australia you would like to see that money back eventua Oakley Sunglasses Australia lly, you could act as a bank and lend your children the money to buy the home. If you structure the loan as a proper mor......more

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When I was in grade school I can Nike Air Jordan remmeber going up to the library to play Organ Trail on one from the c Timberland Boots Australia omputers they had there. You check out the game for a limited amount of time and sit in this little ha......more

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Having successfully created a neighborh Hollister Brisbane ood building platform to Hollister Brisbane bring In Ray Ban Wayfarer dian native Youth together, has today be a Hero brand that the junior idolise. The brand offers a unique combined conten......more

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BJP anti communal bill pitch likely to get shrillerPolitical Abercrombie Australia donations routed thr Nike Heels ough non profit trust: AB GroupBig Boost to Urban TransportationBangalore may soon get its fleet of electric busesIf trial runs go wel......more

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A smaller entity called Kraft Foods G Ray Ban Sunglasses roup will focus on the saturated N Cheap Nike Roshe Australia orth American grocery market and also have $19 billion in annual revenues. Ray Ban Sunglasses (Read: low profits and limited rise i......more

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"Going back Louis Vuitton Belt Australia to what the prime minister actually said: "Of cou Oakley Holbrook rse there are known differences over the sequencing and also the exact form of how the transition takes place. It is welcome that President Pu......more

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Lutolf, J., H. O'Malley and S. Most of t Ray Ban Justin he bars are go go bars with dancers in various stages of nudity. Nike Shoes Australia They are not formal brothels, since customers must negotiate without an intermediary, directly with the dan......more

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Selskaber er på udkig efter hold Nike Shox Tilbud spillere at håndtere prestigefyldt Polo Shirt Tilbud e projekter, som de er godt klar over at arbejde som et team har enorme fordele, når Nike Shox Tilbud det kommer til at nå målet inden deadlines. T......more

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Forskelle i partnerlande reaktioner på aldring var også interessa Nike Roshe Run Woven nt. Mænd var mer Nike Air Max Tilbud e tilbøjelige end kvinder til at være bekymrede for deres partner ansigtet aldring, især i de første syv år af et forhold, men......more

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Verden af ​​erhvervslivet, finans og investerin Nike Air Max 90 g tabt Fred Turner, 80, den tidligere McDonalds Corp c Air Max 90 hief executive officer, der introducerede Chicken McNuggets, æg McMuffins Nike Air Max 90 og Happy Meals, i; Martin Zwei......more

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2.. De handler ud og manipulerende underachi Nike Air Max Tilbud ever. Disse studerende er typisk beskrevet som Nike Air Max impulsive og som ikke har nogen tålmodighed, især for at gøre den slags stille og vedholdende tænkning og opmærksomhed, skol......more

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View Larger ImageJulia Stewart, right, appears to be over some sheet music with Nike Roshe Run your ex-girlfriend mother Phyllis Stewart and sons Malcolm, middle of th Nike Roshe Run Women e town left, and Duncan. The two cousons, now aged eight ......more

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JavaScript muss aktiviert sein, damit Sie auf d Nike Shoes iese Seite beizutragen. So starten Sie einen Beitrag, aktivieren Sie JavaScript Louboutin Schuhe in Ihren Browseroptionen und versuchen es erneut. (Jetzt, wo gehe ich hin, dass die Show wied......more

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Verschiedene Nike Free Kosten gibt Ihnen die S Nike Schuhe ie völlig neue Begegnung. Rund 2012, bietet Nike Konzern Beats Pill verschiedenen Trainern mit Nike Schuhe Nike Free Run Kosten 3, Nike Free Beats Pill Kosten mehrere. Um Kahle, war es offen......more

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